Exploring America’s Complex Relationship with Guns (Pew Research Center), Part 1 – Reasons for Gun Ownership

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On June 22nd, while I was deeply immersed in my observations of a 250 Defensive Pistol course at Gunsite Academy, the Pew Research Center released a research report called America’s Complex Relationship with Guns.

I was particularly interested in the report because back in February I consulted with the Pew Research Center team about my views of gun culture today and what questions a survey about guns ought to ask.

Screen cap of http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2017/06/22/americas-complex-relationship-with-guns/

Now that I have finally had time to look at the report, I am pleased to see my consultation was acknowledged in the final report (p. 73) and at least some of my advice was taken. (Or seems to have been. Obviously just because Pew asked a question does not mean they asked it only because I suggested it.)

In my post about speaking with the Pew Research Center team a few…

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