Dangerous bear

Craig Medred

20205523_10155550460374136_595734043_o A sow grizzly and cub spotted on the outskirts of Anchorage last year/Joe Connolly photo

The sow grizzly that killed 44-year-old Eagle River resident Michael Soltis in the mountains just north of Alaska’s largest city in late June continues to roam the edge of the state’s wild Chugach State Park.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials today revealed the man-killing bear was not the sow in a family of three bears agency shooters gunned down Friday on a hillside above the site of the Soltis attack. 

Department officials have refused to say whether they believe Soltis was a attacked by a particularly aggressive or predatory bear, but they have been acting as if that is the case. They have said that any other female grizzlies spotted or trapped in the Hiland Road area will also be killed if possible.

DNA taken from Soltis’s fatal wounds and those of a never-identified…

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