Publication Alert: “The First Rule of Gunfighting is Have a Gun: Technologies of Concealed Carry in Gun Culture 2.0”

Gun Culture 2.0

I have said it before, on this blog and in scholarly publications (also here), but I will say it again: It is no exaggeration to say that sociologists are only interested in guns and gun culture to the extent that they are related to crime, violence, and social inequality.

Now, to be fair, sociologists are only interested in many things insofar as they are related to some social problem. In fact, we teach courses called “Social Problems” not “Social Benefits.” One sociologist even took to Twitter recently to crowdsource an answer to a student who asked for a recommended book in sociology that had a positive outcome.

So it should come as no surprise that a recently published book on The Lives of Guns takes gun violence as its starting and ending point. But this book comes with a little bit of sugar for those who are interested in…

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