Documenting the 2019 NRA Revolt at Indy Against Current NRA Leadership

Gun Culture 2.0

The members meeting Saturday at this year’s NRA annual meeting was chaotic, but in this post I do my best to summarize of what went down.

NRA member Joshua Prince, critical of the current leadership, rises to speak at the NRA members meeting. Current NRA Board member and supporter of current leadership, Willes Lee, waits to speak immediately behind him. Photo by David Yamane

Drama was present from the start of the meeting. NRA President Oliver North, who was supposed to sit next to NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre was a no show at the members meeting. He will not seek or get a second term as President.

Wayne LaPierre received a 3/4 standing ovation from the members assembled when he was introduced. NRA VP Richard Childress, presiding at the meeting in North’s absence, read a letter from Oliver North that leveled accusations against current leadership (in YouTube video…

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