Bearly ignorant bliss

I’ll be reblogging Craig more, as it will remind me to read him and he deserves a wider audience.

Craig Medred

Rob Foster Black Bear A predatory black bear/Rob Foster photo


Alaska’s mainstream media has dialed up the perfect solution to the fear gripping the 49th state in the wake of two extremely rare, fatal bear attacks in two days in June: Ignorance.

“It’s good to be prepared, but training to people to deal with bear incidents creates fear,” wrote an Alaska Dispatch News columnist, who blamed other writers plus local, state and federal officials for this fear.

“Outdoor writers and land managers also increase fear of bears by teaching preparedness,” he concluded.

It was tempting to just make a joke of such nonsense and draft a “Top 10” list of things we should stop teaching. At first it started with boating safety, but….

Thirty-five-thousand to 40,000 people die in motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. every year.  More than 75 of them died in accidents on Alaska roadways last year. We could save…

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